Welcome TO UMDP

Universal Mobile Application Development (UMDP) is an application development methodology used by Prana Computing to develop multiplatform mobile applications.  UMDP applications run across virtually all mobile and desktop platforms thus becoming universal applications without operating system platform limitations.

The UMDP methodology is achieved through application the following principles:

1. The application functionality is delivered to the mobile device through a web browser thus enabling all web-enabled smartphone to universally access the application.

2. UMDP applications are hosted on an application server hence all processing for the mobile device is performed on the back-end server.

3. The desktop client application provides maximum level of functionality and computing power. The mobile client application works in tandem with the desktop client to bring only mobile-relevant functionality to the user.

4. All of the components of a UMDP application are developed in JAVA or JavaScript. A UMDP application is hence platform independent and capable of running on any platform that provides a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).